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PHL Capital Corporation

PHL Capital Corporation is a private Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) focused on providing residential mortgage solutions. They offer tailored loans to meet the individual needs of homeowners and buyers, often accommodating situations that traditional lenders may not. With a mission to support strong borrowers who may not meet conventional banking criteria, PHL Capital Corporation is particularly flexible with property types and borrower circumstances.

Loan Features Offered by PHL Capital Corporation:

  • Loan-To-Value (LTV) Ratio: For eligible borrowers, PHL Capital Corporation offers up to 75% LTV for certain real estate deals. They consider the strength of the borrower, available liquid assets, and have a clear exit strategy. Be aware that they may adjust LTV ratios for high-value properties.

  • Borrowing Flexibility: There are no Total Debt Service (TDS) or Gross Debt Service (GDS) requirements, opening up borrowing opportunities for a wider range of financial backgrounds. In addition, they do not enforce a minimum credit score, making their services more accessible to those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

  • Loan Structure: PHL Capital Corporation provides interest-only loans, enabling borrowers to manage cash flow more efficiently during the loan term.

  • Loan Amounts and Terms: Borrowers can access loan amounts ranging from $50,000 to $10,000,000. Loan terms offered vary from three months up to two years, catering to short and mid-term financing needs.

  • Mortgage Flexibility: All mortgages through PHL Capital Corporation come with fully open terms. This means that borrowers can repay their loan without any penalty, offering a high degree of flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Property Types: PHL Capital Corporation is open to various property types. Potential borrowers are encouraged to inquire about their specific properties to see if they align with PHL Capital Corporation’s lending portfolio.

  • Processing Efficiency: They pride themselves on offering speedy responses to applications, often providing same-day feedback and a commitment within 24 hours, subject to meeting conditions.

  • Documentation Requirements: To process a loan application, PHL Capital Corporation typically requires a mortgage application, a credit bureau report, and in some cases, an appraisal may not be necessary for a commitment. They maintain a list of approved appraisers and may also consider non-approved appraisals on an exception basis.

For those of you considering a private mortgage and seeking a trusted broker to guide you, I am Elvira, your dedicated mortgage broker with the skills and expertise to facilitate your application with PHL Capital Corporation. My role is to simplify the lending process, ensuring you have a smooth and efficient experience that leads to obtaining the financing you need. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor, a homebuyer facing unique financial challenges, or seeking a flexible lending solution, partnering with me will provide you access to PHL Capital Corporation’s diverse mortgage options. Reach out to me, Elvira, and let’s work together to secure your private mortgage tailored to your specific needs.