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What is the DLC First Pacific Mortgage?

First Pacific Mortgage, operated by Dominion Lending Centres, is your trusted Vancouver and Lower Mainland Mortgage Brokerage service. We are standing by to help you to obtain a mortgage that meets your needs with the best mortgage rate available. If it’s a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage you are in search of, we are committed to determining the leading mortgage rates in Lower Mainland, including Home Loans, Consolidation Loans, Lines of Credit and more. Whatever the circumstances, our team of Mortgage Specialists will see it through until we find a mortgage product that suits your situation.

Shopping for home loans can be a mind-numbing task. But it can’t be avoided if you want the best deal. You’ll want to speak with a variety of different lenders because rates and fees will vary depending on lending criteria. If you’ve heard that running multiple credit reports can lower your score, you’re not wrong. Except, our Mortgage Specialists have access to over 100 lenders, and we can contact them all at once on your behalf, minimizing the impact on your score!

It saves you having copious meetings with various lenders – the mortgage professionals at DLC First Pacific Mortgage will do the work for you! Our free online mortgage calculator helps you estimate your monthly mortgage payment and gives you insight into how changing terms and rates will affect the mortgage you need. As your Vancouver mortgage broker, DLC First Pacific Mortgage is devoted to open dialogue with our clients. We keep you apprised of all the mortgage options available to you, and are available to answer your questions anytime.

DLC First Pacific Mortgage specialists are available across Canada and offer continued first-rate service to the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. With our combined 65 years of experience in the investment industry, we’ve encountered every possible obstacle in the process of getting a mortgage. We educate and enlighten our clients to ensure they select the wisest options for their particular scenario. Let us get you approved! Call us now to secure the mortgage you’ve been waiting for.

We work with a variety of financial institutions, from credit unions to chartered banks, to help you access a wealth of lending capital!

Why trust DLC First Pacific Mortgage for your mortgage needs?

Valuable Experience:

Over the last 30 years, we have helped thousands of people just like you get the mortgage they need to buy their dream home. DLC First Pacific Mortgage explores every available option for you, and guarantee reliable advice and attentive service.

Family values:

Family is important to all of us at DLC First Pacific Mortgage. We have families too, and we know they come first. We always keep your best interests in mind and consider the needs of your family today, tomorrow and years ahead!

Staying current:

We are committed to continual learning and completing ongoing mortgage education courses provided by mortgage associations such as the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC).

Long-term commitment:

DLC First Pacific Mortgage is here for you beyond the term of your mortgage. We’re always available and stay in touch to answer any mortgage questions that arise. No question is too big or small, we’re just a call or email away.

No Surprise Fees: 

We won’t ever charge fees to close your mortgage. Actually, lenders enlist us to execute your mortgage on their behalf. In return, we take about a majority of their fee and return it to you, through exclusive rates and cash rebates.

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