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Fisgard Asset Management Corporation

Fisgard Asset Management Corporation is regarded as one of Canada’s most esteemed Mortgage Investment Corporations, offering bespoke residential and commercial mortgage solutions ranging from first and second mortgages to substantial commercial and construction loans. Fisgard is lauded for its capability to address challenging and unconventional mortgage circumstances through an expert underwriting team.

Service Overview for Fisgard Asset Management Corporation:

  • LTV Options: Fisgard provides first mortgage LTVs up to 75% across British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, with select options for higher LTVs on exception. They also facilitate the EPIC EQUITY PROGRAM for residential purchases and refinances up to 65% LTV without requiring income verification.

  • Approach to Mortgage Approvals: Emphasizing a ‘common sense’ philosophy, Fisgard does not fixate on GDS/TDS ratios. Instead, they strive to ensure that borrowers have a reasonable capacity to meet their monthly obligations.

  • Credit Flexibility: While the credit score is considered, especially in higher LTV situations, Fisgard does not mandate a minimum across all of its products, exemplifying their personalized approach to lending.

  • Loan Terms and Options: Terms range from 6 months to two years, with flexible payment options including interest-only or principal plus interest up to 35-year amortizations.

  • Property Types: A wide array of property types can be financed, from single-family homes and condos to vacation properties, acreages, and certain commercial properties.

  • Efficiency: The company guarantees prompt service, aiming to provide mortgage approvals within 24-48 hours during business hours.

  • Processing Requirements: Applications typically include a fully completed mortgage application, current credit bureau report, purchase contract, and income documentation if relevant.

With Fisgard’s commitment to fast, competitive, and comprehensible mortgage approvals, I, Elvira, am a mortgage broker equipped to assist you in harnessing their offerings for your financing needs. Whether you’re seeking to purchase a new property, require a construction loan, or need a customized mortgage solution, I have the necessary expertise to smoothly guide you through the process with Fisgard. If you’re a home-owner, investor, or borrowing against your real estate for any purpose, connecting with me, Elvira, ensures you have professional support in securing a private mortgage through Fisgard Asset Management Corporation. Let’s collaborate to find the mortgage that aligns with your requirements and circumstances, and make the path to approval straightforward and efficient.